Permanent Researchers

Quentin Glorieux

Associate Professor

  • Group leader of the ERC CoG project
  • IUF Junior Fellow since 2018
  • Marie Curie Postdoc at NIST (Bill Phillips group)
  • PhD at Paris Diderot (Thomas Coudreau)
  • MSc at Institut d’Optique
  • see my full CV

Alberto Bramati

Full Professor
Italian Godfather

  • IUF Senior Fellow since 2018
  • Postdoc at LPL
  • PhD at LKB

Hanna le Jeannic

CNRS Researcher
Quantum Hanna

  • Postdoc at NBI (Peter Lodhal group)
  • PhD at LKB (Laurat group)
  • MSc at ESPCI


Tangui Aladjidi

Postdoc, since 2023
Colormaps and cycling maniac

  • PhD at LKB, Paris
  • MSc at Ecole Polytechnique

Chengjie Ding

Postdoc, since 2023
Nanofiber artist

  • PhD at LKB, Paris
  • BSc at ECNU, Shanghai

Maxime Jacquet

Postdoc, since 2020
Analogue Gravity Guru

  • PhD
  • MSc

PhD students

Clara Piekarski

PhD Student, started October 2022

  • MSc at ETH Zurich
  • BSc at Ecole Polytechnique

Alix Merolle

PhD Student, started October 2023

  • MSc LUMI - Sorbonne University

Myrann Baker-Rasooli

PhD Student, started October 2021
Co-direction L. Pruvost at LCPMR.
Photon fluid surfer

  • MSc LUMI - Sorbonne University

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Master and Bachelor Students

Quentin Schibler

MSc - Topic 1

  • ENS Paris Saclay

Simon Lepleux

MSc - Topic 2

  • ENS Paris Saclay



Murad Abuzarli

PhD from 2020 to 2023

Now at :


Ferdinand Claude

Now at :

Former visitors, BSc/ MSc students


Visitor (X), Spring 2017

Master students

MSc (X), Spring 2018

Bachelor Students

BSc (X), Spring 2017

Administrative Support

David Noel and Laetitia Morel are helping us (and other groups) with administration.